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PK20 Education Data Warehouse

  PK20 Education Data Warehouse  

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Education Data Warehouse Fact Sheet

The Florida K-20 Education Data Warehouse (EDW) integrates existing, transformed data extracted from multiple sources that are available at the state level. It provides a single repository of data concerning students served in the K-20 public education system as well as educational facilities, curriculum and staff involved in instructional activities.

EDW Characteristics

  • K-20 public education data integration
  • Allows longitudinal analyses
  • Student centric
  • Historical (1995 forward, when available) and current data
  • Confidentiality ensured (personally identifiable information removed)
  • State-of-the-art analytical capabilities

EDW Benefits

  • Provides capabilities to track students over time and across delivery
  • systems
  • Provides capabilities to perform trend analyses
  • Allows business users to run their own queries against summarized
  • data in a timely, efficient manner
  • Provides decision-makers with tools and information necessary to make informed, fact-based decisions about education

EDW Contents

  • Student
    • Demographics
    • Enrollment
    • Courses
    • Test Scores
    • Financial Aid
    • Awards
    • Employment
  • Educational Curriculum
  • Staff
    • Demographics
    • Certified Staff
    • Instructional Activities
  • Educational Institutions

EDW Blueprint